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Low Budget Music Video Production Company – Pocket Promo!

Posted on September 11th, by Mark in Blog. No Comments

Low Budget Music Video Production Company – Pocket Promo!

Phink TV wanted to provide low budget music video production company with unparalleled high quality production standards. (Usually a MINIMUM of £1500 a day to be shot on Red One Camera.)

In order for this to be a profitable excercise the Phink Team needed to shoot as many video’s in ONE DAY as possible while maintaining the usual high standards of production work. The day was therefore divided into 1 hour slots and committed to shooting as many takes as possible for each of the Pocket Promo customers including the likes of:

- Wheres Huey.

- Snakeyman.

- Astro Pirates.

- Manifest.

- Segge Dan

   ……..and many more.

The post production team then editted each music video with simple cuts, precision timing and in their own unique style which was delivered on time and well UNDER BUDGET!!!

If your interested in a low budget music video production company please get in touch -

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