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Music Video Production

Music Video Production

If your an Artist, Manager or Label Commissioner, we don’t need to tell you how important it is to be constantly producing music videos! Especially these days where the world is streaming video online all day every day.

Music Video production is something we love and do very well! It give’s us an opportunity to fully flex the creative muscles and push the boat out. Wether you have £2,500 or £250,000 we can get in your head, pull out the stops and help you impact your market in a BIG way – Just like we did for Ray Foxx (nearly 2,000,000 views) and Little Nikki (Sony Music)!

Since we’re talking about it why not enjoy a promo we produced for Syron on Ministry of Sound…

Nothing gives us more pleasure than receiving a new track and asked to come onboard for the ride. Its then a case of figuring what the songs about, who the artist is and where they are in their career. Pitching a treatment (or 4) and moving into production.

So feel free to get in touch and discuss – after all, we’re just music lovers from the burbs!

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